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Spring 2019 Information

CIS 110

I will be teaching Section 4017 beginning January 28 and ending April 27.

Access to the class web site including account activation will be available on the first day of class.

The class is a short-term accelerated 12 week classes which will require from 8 to 12 or more hours per week of your time completing assignments, depending on your typing skills and familiarity with using the Internet and computers.

There are quite a few assignments to complete in a short amount of time. If you are not looking for an accelerated class then you may want to enroll in the regular 16 week classes to give yourself an additional month to complete assignments and learn the class material or enroll in a hybrid section. I strongly advise that you view the former student recommendations page to see what they say about this class.

Canvas is not used for any part of my class. All content and assignments are on my class web site which you can access via the links below.

An optional on-campus orientation meeting may be held and if available then the details will be emailed to your college registered email address.

Students will need a:

You are free to use the computers in the college open lab. If you are working from home then you need a fully functional version of Office 2016 installed on your computer. Office 2013 may also work but hasn't been tested for the assignments. Also note if you are using Office 2013 the instructions in the books may not match the features available in the 2013 version of Office since the instructions were written specifically for Office 2016. See the list of compatible versions *. Students enrolled at Cuyamaca may be able to download and install a free copy of Office 2016. Details will be published in the class web site.

* Using an unsupported version of Office. If you are not using one of the supported versions of Office or supported browser then I may not be able to answer technical questions you have if you run into problems with your computer or completing assignments. In addition you may not be able to complete some parts of assignments.

Training and assignments are available on the first day of the class and it is important that you start immediately so you do not fall behind. Free access to the course materials is available for the first week of class so you don't have to wait until you purchase your materials to begin the class. You are free to work ahead and complete the training and assignments on your own pace however this is not a self paced class. Assignments are normally graded and feedback is given on or shortly after the assignment due date.

View the CIS 110 class home page to check the news.

View the CIS 110 class syllabus for course requirements and information about the class.

View the CIS 110 required textbook and materials needed for the class.

This class is offered in an 100% online format.

Students enrolling in the online sections should have significant experience using a computer, managing files and messaging via the Internet. Because of the extensive use of a computer in the online classes I do not recommend that beginning computer users enroll in online versions of this course.

Starting My Classes

Starting my classes requires activating your account on the class web site.
Account activation is available during the first week of class.

  • Why Activate?
    - Activate your a class account now.
  • Complete the online class orientation available on the class web site